A bad review or noisy complaint can damage a businesses reputation, or worse, their bottom line. As a contractor today, it’s important to build your online reputation for two reasons: It helps you grow and attracts new customers, and it protects against the inevitable one-star incident that may be out of your control.
A little while ago, we gave some advice about soliciting reviews. We thought it would benefit from a more in-depth look. Fortunately, it’s easy to do, with the help of your happy customers. Here are a few tips!

Choose Your Review Platforms

Pick the websites where you’d like for the reviews to live. At minimum, set up a Google My Business account and a Facebook Page. See our guides for getting started. If people in your area use sites like Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List, claim your businesses on those pages as well.

Monitor the Easy Way

Set up Google Alerts to watch the internet for mentions of your business name. That way, when someone reviews you, you’ll get an email. Just plug in the keywords you want to watch! Put quotes around multiple words so that Google will only email you if they appear together. For example:

“Sharon Fence”

“Ray Johnson Quality Fencing”

These searches won’t return the thousands of results for “Fence” or “Fencing” appearing every day.

Now you’re ready to respond to reviews when they’re posted. We’ll get to that shortly.

Request Reviews at Every Opportunity

As every job comes to a close, you have multiple opportunities to thank your customer and ask them to review your work. Here are some simple approaches:

  • Add “Your reviews are appreciated!” and the URLs of your review platforms at the bottom of your invoice.
  • Add the review platforms on your business card.
  • Add links to review in your email signature.
  • Write a template email requesting review. Include a paragraph thanking the customer for their business. Link to the platforms you use.
  • Most impactful: Ask in Person! When you’re completing the job, just a simple “I hope you’ll leave us a review if you’re happy with the work” can help a great deal.

Monitor and Respond

Watch your email for notifications, whether from Google and Facebook, or Google Alerts, that someone has left you a review.
ALWAYS RESPOND. If the review is positive, thank them for their business and their feedback. If the review is anything less than 5 stars, contact them, both on the page, and privately. The message is simple:

“We’re sorry to see that we haven’t earned your full satisfaction. Please let us know what we could have done to serve you better. And, is there anything we can do today to make it right?”

This demonstrates to everyone seeing that review that you care about your customers and take pride in your work. Even if the customer doesn’t respond, or can’t be pleased, you’ve done your part to help manage your reputation.

Thanks so much for reading. While you’re here, would you consider giving us a review?

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