Professional installers have counted on us for reliability and a hassle-free experience for over 55 years. We are laser focused on making it easier and faster for our customers to install jobs and grow their businesses. Our team members care about our customers’ success, try harder and get better results.


Sharon Fence was started in 1964 as a family owned business one hour north of Pittsburgh in Sharon, Pennsylvania. Originally named Sharon Metal Fence, the company focused on wholesale chain link distribution. The company has grown through adding products, manufacturing capabilities, and locations to be a major player in the region. We manufacturer all types of gates from residential swing gates to large aluminum slide and BOSS (Bottom Slide System) gates for 40+ foot openings. We also manufacturer chain link fabric of all types including superior GBW (Galvanized Before Weave) fabric that installers rave about because they don’t get cuts on their hands and because it stretches so much easier than GAW from our competitors.