Q: What does pizza delivery and fence have in common?

A:  Contactless Service.

A few days ago my family was deciding on what to eat for dinner and the kids screamed “PIZZA!”  So we called the local Pizza Hut and 30 minutes later (really, it was) two hot pizzas and an order of breadsticks showed up at the front door.  I went to open the door and my wife yelled, “Stop, they are doing doorstep drop off so there is no contact between you and the driver.”  So I looked through the glass, waved at the driver and said “thanks.”

So why do I tell this story?

Because we can do the same thing.  In these Coronavirus times, social distancing (I prefer saying “physical distancing”) has become the norm and it’s likely to last the entire 2020 fencing season.  As an industry, we will need to calm any Coronavirus fears that potential customers might have who need a fence and/or access controls.  By calming their fears and helping them understand that their family is safe from the coronavirus during the whole fencing process, they are more likely to move forward with getting that new fence.

What can you do?

  • Let potential customers know that doing business with you is Coronavirus safe…
    • You provide “Corona-free, Contactless Quotes”.  Or “Driveway Quotes” “Coronavirus NO, Fence YES”…be creative.
    • There is no need to enter your home in order to get a quote or do the work.  During installation, all work done outside along the perimeter of your property.
    • Contactless work completion in your yard
  • Update your website and social media with the above.
  • Develop a script for your sales people to be consistent with your “contactless quote/service” message
  • Get a magnet made saying “Contactless Quotes” for the sides of all your trucks.

I hope this helps.  Together we will get through this.